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Gastrointestinal organs Tongue is moist, covered with white plaque, there are teeth marks on the edges of the tongue The teeth are yellowish in color. Gums pink, moderately moist, salivary gland ducts not hyperemic. The pharynx was not hyperemic, the tonsils did not protrude beyond the edges of the palatines.

Swallowing of liquid and solid food was not difficult. On examination, the abdomen is regular in shape, does not protrude beyond the edges of the rib arches, the subcutaneous veins are not dilated, the skin is pale and dry.

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The abdomen is regular in shape, symmetrical, evenly participates in the act of breathing, there are no gross anatomical changes, the umbilicus is retracted.

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Superficial palpation: on palpation the abdomen is soft, local tension of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall of the epigastrium area, pyloroduodenal zone, moderate painfulness is determined.

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